Race 4: Oldenzaal

Date: 13/14 September 2024
Kartbaan Oldenzaal
The Netherlands

Race Crew

Kart Tester: t.b.a.

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Practices Oldenzaal

Friday September 13th 2024

Provisional Timing


You can still participate!

Maximum 100 spots available !
 Your placement on the entry list will only be final and confirmed after we receive your complete payment.  
The first 100 drivers that pay will be confirmed.

Dylan De Wolf   (Confirmed)
Jonas Moonen   (Confirmed) 
Alexander Sels   (Confirmed)
Alexis Laudens   (Confirmed)
Amber Ebbers   (Confirmed)
Antoni Kugacz   (Confirmed)
Aurelio Feyaerts   (Confirmed)
Bram Feijten   (Confirmed)
Brian Pecoraro    (Confirmed)
Brick Wauters   (Confirmed)
Christian Marckhoff    (Confirmed)
Clément Bernard    (Confirmed)
Daan Groot   (Confirmed)
Daan Kon    (Confirmed)
Damon Veldink   (Confirmed)
Davey Buwalda   (Confirmed)
David Wauters   (Confirmed)
Dean Vermeulen   (Confirmed)
Debby Wolfs    (Confirmed)
Dieter Geeraerts   (Confirmed)
Dimitri Embrechts   (Confirmed)
Elia Ghandhari   (Confirmed)
Geert vandamme   (Confirmed)
Geoffray Thisens    (Confirmed)

Gregory Lapeire   (Confirmed)
Jacco Vroegindeweij   (Confirmed)
Jesse Polderdijk   (Confirmed)
João Bans   (Confirmed)
Jolano Schaepkens    (Confirmed)
Jonathan Lenders    (Confirmed)
Joris van Wel   (Confirmed)
Julian van Gemmert   (Confirmed)
Kyle Vyncke   (Confirmed)
Laurens Huijsman   (Confirmed)
Pablo Deroose   (Confirmed)
Lennard Vroegindeweij   (Confirmed)
Lenthem Embrechts   (Confirmed)
Louis Le Rigoleur   (Confirmed)
Louis Lelièvre    (Confirmed)
Luca Cauwenbergh   (Confirmed)
Lucas Bracke   (Confirmed)
Lucas Lechien   (Confirmed)
Mark van der Vlist    (Confirmed)
Mateo de Ramaix   (Confirmed)
Maurice Haak   (Confirmed)
Melvin Kolenbrander   (Confirmed)
Nelson berghuis   (Confirmed)
Niklas Esser   (Confirmed)
Noah Smeets   (Confirmed)
Philipp Schüßler   (Confirmed)
Rayven Vermeulen   (Confirmed)

Rick van de Brug   (Confirmed)
Ruben Van den Bogaert   (Confirmed)
Ryan Schwartz   (Confirmed)
Sander Verschueren   (Confirmed)
Sebastián Pástor   (Confirmed)
Sebastien Jacquemart   (Confirmed)
Selina Balneger    (Confirmed)
Sem Kraaij   (Confirmed)
Siebe Delaere   (Confirmed)
Simon Both   (Confirmed)
Stephan Heijkoop   (Confirmed)
Thomas Colpaert   (Confirmed)
Tino Antonacci   (Confirmed)
Tom Christiaensen   (Confirmed)
Hugo Schilder   (Confirmed)
Ruben Bouman   (Confirmed)
Utah de Bel    (Confirmed)
Farigoul Simon   (Confirmed)
Jeffrey Kruger    (Confirmed)
Richard Zdravko Albert Aert s  (Confirmed)
Jan Hofland   (Confirmed)
Rayven Uyttersprot    (Confirmed)
Maarten Cooiman   (Confirmed)
Alexander van der Woude   (Confirmed)
Iris de Jong   (Confirmed)
Kirsten Brevink   (Confirmed)

Ionut Cosmin Langaschek   (Reserved)

Luk   (Reserved)
Thorsten Kutzera   (Reserved)
Vincent Sembal   (Reserved)
Mart Oelering   (Reserved)
Piotr Musiałek    (Reserved)
Arthur Ronvaux    (Reserved)
Houssem ben Slimen   (Reserved)
Lars van der Laan   (Reserved)
Sam Bloemraad   (Reserved)
Joey Rahajaan   (Reserved)
Michiel Wolters   (Reserved)
Timothy van Leynseele   (Reserved)