European Championship 

Outdoor Rental Karting 2024

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The European Championship Outdoor Rental Karting is a rental karting championship held on four different circuits in four different countries: Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Germany!

- 5 One-Lap-Qualifications in 5 different karts
- 5 Sprintraces in 5 different karts
- Top-60 proceeds to semi-finals for another, longer sprintrace
- Top-20 proceeds to the final for another, longer sprintrace.

Done by Formula Karting which has three persons working fulltime to ensure the best possible racedays. Formula Karting started in 2016 and has 8 years of experience organizing 125+ racedays on 30+ different locations. 

Formula Karting will provide a system to test the karts to minimize the kart difference. In the week prior to the raceday, all karts will be mechanically tested and time tested. Then, the karts to race with will be selected and karts that are too fast will get weights handicapped. Of course we are still dealing with rental karting and kart difference will always be an issue. That is why we offer 5 different karts and a drop result.

All divisions drive at 80 kilos*
- General ranking
- Junior ranking <18
- Master ranking 30+
- *Heavy ranking at 95+ kilos (drivers+gear)
- Ladies ranking
- Constructors

Only €179,- to €199,- per raceday

FRIDAY | Practice possibilities
SATURDAY | Qualification heats
SUNDAY | Qualification heats, Semi Final and Final

- Different DJ's every raceweekend
- An experienced commentator every raceweekend
- Different food and drink options every raceweekend
- We are looking for partnerships with hotels
- A lot of extra entertainment to be announced

Only 125 seasonal spots available!
There is no license needed to participate, just racing experience

Registration for individual race days will open in January!


Race 1: Karting Spa - June 14/15/16

Race 2: JPR Ostricourt - July 12/13/14

Race 3: Michael Schumacher - August 23/24/25

Race 4: Kartbaan Oldenzaal - September 13/14/15